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This Month’s Featured Episodes

Episode 20

Tapping Into Social Commerce Success with Meta

Social commerce is projected to hit $1 trillion by 2025 — but don't wait until then. Brands should think about how to tap into the potential of this $1 trillion opportunity today. Meta’s Derek Netto joins the Make it Big Podcast to share social commerce success strategies, specifically on Instagram. Get an inside look into the latest social commerce trends, how to sell more with Instagram Shopping, and the next evolution of social connection in the Metaverse.

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Episode 21

What Headless Commerce Really Means for Your Business

“Headless” commerce may be a buzzword, but it’s certainly for good reason. This episode focuses on what headless really means for your business, and exactly how it enables cutting-edge user experiences that meet shopper demands and expectations. Experts from BigCommerce and Codal explain the true advantages of headless commerce and offer real-world examples of brands who are leveraging this innovative technology to drive revenue.

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